Dear guests, in our hotel you can relax in the skillful hands of a professional masseur.

The massage will help you:

  • to get rid of psycho-emotional or nervous tension and fatigue;
  • to increase your vitality;
  • to relieve a state of stress or chronic fatigue;
  • to restore or enhance performance;
  • to get rid of muscle or joint pain, stiffness of movements;
  • to improve your posture and relieve the spine;
  • to boost your immunity;
  • to normalize metabolism;
  • to get rid of the "orange peel" - cellulite - to get smoother, tighter and firmer skin, restore its natural color and ability to resist adverse environmental factors;
  • to make your figure slimmer and more attractive
Massage Time min. Price rub.
1. Total body    


This massage includes a complex of techniques and massage techniques to improve the efficiency of all body systems, muscle function, strengthen immunity and restore the harmonious balance of the psychophysical state.

60/90 2000/3000


It is used to release muscle tension, increase physical performance, and rehabilitate. The massage is ideal for those who exercise regularly. For the harmonious development of physical abilities and increased endurance

60/90 2000/3000


This is a special massage technique that allows the human body to relax completely. Relaxation massage relieves the muscles of tension, reducing their tone, and immerses the body in a state of deep relaxation and peace.

60/90 2000/3000

Lymphatic drainage

Helps to improve the outflow of lymph. The technique best relieves swelling, leads to rapid removal of excess fluid from the body, has a slimming effect and ensures the recovery of the body.

60/90 2000/3000

Stone massage (with hot stones)

One of the oldest methods of relaxation and stress relief, stone massage is used to improve the physiological state, emotional stability and metabolic processes.

40/60 2000/3000
2. Local    


Relieves the feeling of tension and fatigue, improves blood circulation. Both superficial and deep muscles of the back are worked, which is good for the muscles and the spine, as it stimulates the nerves coming from it. General well-being is improved by increasing the vitality of the body.

30/45 1000/1500

Neck + collar + head

In addition to the obvious pleasure, head massage promotes the production of certain hormones, such as the happiness hormone serotonin and endorphin, it has a beneficial effect on the entire body. A head massage activates the immune system, relieves anxiety, stress and tension, and relaxes the connective and muscular tissues.

30/45 1000/1500

Neck + collar + hands

Restores normal blood circulation, gets rid of the deposition of salts and improves cellular nutrition. Thanks to the massage you get an excellent relaxation effect, as well as relief from pain and tension.

30/45 1000/1500

Legs + pelvis

Improves circulation in the joints of the legs, relieves fatigue, muscle tension and swelling in the legs, activates the circulation of energy throughout the body.

45/60 1500/2000
3. Figure    

Anti-cellulite (hips + pelvis + abdomen)

Treats the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Conducted with anti-cellulite massage oil It noticeably improves the condition of the skin, removes harmful substances and toxins from the body. Its application stabilizes the metabolism in the body.

45/60 1500/2000

Shape correction (modeling)

Tightens the figure, thins the silhouette A special technique helps to correct problem areas and get rid of localized fat deposits.

60/90 2000/3000

Lymph drainage (legs)

Eliminates swelling, drains excess fluid, and restores blood circulation

45/60 1500/2000

Massage "Ring Premier Hotel" (author's massage)

Bid farewell to stress and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an Asian fairy tale. A combination of classical Tibetan massage techniques, Chinese acupuncture and hot stones will completely relieve nervous and muscular tension. The master will delicately work on the biologically active points. In just one session, your body will once again be filled with vigor and energy, and your mood will rise to previously unknown heights.

60/90 3500/5000